Crime Alert
Please remember to lock the doors to your houses and parked vehicles tonight. If you park your vehicle in your driveway overnight, please also remember not to leave stored in your vehicles any valuables or other things that might attract vandals. We need the cooperation of every citizen to make sure our properties are not available for easy picking.
Special Traffic Operation Program

The patrol division will task officers with special traffic enforcement operations in response to perceived problems or citizen complaints of persistent traffic violations. We will assign an officer to observe the situation and determine if a problem exist and take corrective action as necessary. If you have a traffic complaint, please answer the following questions:

* Your Name 
* Date of Complaint 
Your Address 
* Phone number where we can reach you. 
* What is the violation? (Speeding, etc.)  
* What time of day does the problem generally occur? (ex. between 7:00 am to 8:00 am)  
* How often have you observed the problem occuring? 

You may be contacted by a representative of the Nichols Hills Police Department to confirm your complaint and if further information is required. We respond to these complaints as quickly as possible, but other situations may take priority.

Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention.


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