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Garage and Estate Sale Permits

Garage and Estate sale permits (also referred to as residential sales) are available at City Hall. No person shall hold a sale without a license.  A separate license shall be required for each location in which a sale is to be held and no location is eligible for more than one (1) license in any six (6) month period.

No sales are permitted on any Sunday.

The location any sale shall be confined to the premises for which the license has been issued and in no event shall articles or goods be so displayed as to attract attention or be conspicuously in the view from any public street.  No food, drink, living plants or vegetation, fruits, vegetables or produce of any kind shall be sold at a garage or estate sale. ​


One sign may be located on the immediate premises where the sale is to be conducted.  No flags or similar devices are allowed.  The sign or device shall be located on the immediate premises where the sale is to be conducted, but in no event shall the sign or device be more than two hundred (200) feet from the sale area.  The display surface of a sign or device shall not exceed five (5) square feet on each side.  The sign cannot be in the right-of-way or on any light, utility or traffic related pole,  Signs must be removed within twelve (12) hours after the garage sale has ended.  Failure to remove signs could result in a fine.


If a sale is not held on the date for which the license is issued or is terminated during the first day of the sale because of inclement weather conditions, and an affidavit by the license holder to this effect is submitted, the City Clerk may issue another license to the applicant for a sale to be conducted at the same location within thirty (30) days from the date when the first sale was to be held.  


The Oklahoma Tax Commission requires tax to be collected on items sold.  Any questions may be referred to the Oklahoma Tax commission at 521-3261. The Nichols Hills Sales Tax Number is 55-16. You will be required to use this number when reporting sales tax to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.


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