Paving Improvements to 1600-1700 Blocks of Randel Rd.

Rudy Construction will begin pavement improvements to the southbound lane of Randel Rd on February 12, 2024. They will start at Huntington Ave. and work their way toward 63rd Street.

Special City Ordinances

GRASS AND WEEDS.(ORDINANCE NO. 426):  Yards and parkways must not be allowed to become overgrown with grass, weeds and vines so as to be offensive to the view or detrimental to the general health of the citizens.

PARKING PERMITS FOR CERTAIN VEHICLES (N.H. CODE SECTION 25-141):   The requirement that a certain vehicle must be parked completely to the rear of the front wall of the main building located on private property shall not apply to any pickup truck whose owner has obtained a permit, or to vehicles for which a temporary permit has been obtained.

The requirement that all vehicles of any kind except a private passenger vehicle must be parked completely to the rear of the front wall of the main building on private property shall not apply to a pickup truck not exceeding twenty feet in length owned by the owner of lessee of a lot or building site containing a residence having no attached or unattached garage, or having a garage that is not large enough to accommodate such pickup truck, and having no hard surfaced area or driveway extending to the rear of the front wall of the main building.

The exemption provided for in this paragraph shall apply to no more than one (1) vehicle and the owner of the vehicle shall first obtain a permit to be issued by the Director of Public Works, who shall first verify that the requirements of this paragraph have been satisfied. The applicant for such permit shall be required to pay the City Treasurer a fee of five dollars ($5.00). Such permit shall be for a period of one year and must be renewed annually.

GARAGE SALES (ORDINANCE NO. 455). An application and permit is required for all garage/estate sales held within the City of Nichols Hills. One sale per address every six months for two consecutive days. A sign must be on the applicants property only.

TREE SERVICE LICENSING (ORDINANCE NO. 391). It is unlawful and an offense for any person on behalf of himself or for any firm or corporation, to solicit or engage within the City of Nichols Hills in the business or calling of servicing trees unless and until such person, firm, or corporation shall have first procured a license to do so from the City Clerk.

Residents of Nichols Hills should always check as to the validity of a tree service company before signing a contract with said company. TREE SERVICE covers both tree spraying and tree trimming. To check if service is licensed contact the Public Works Dept., 843-5222.

BUILDING PERMITS (ORDINANCE NO. 570).  Any type of construction work will require a Building Permit.

ELECTRICAL PERMITS (ORDINANCE NO. 625). Any type of electrical work will require a permit. The Electrician must be licensed with the City of Nichols Hills. Licenses and permits may be obtained at 1009 N.W. 75th Street. For information call 843-5315.

PLUMBING PERMITS (ORDINANCE NO. 626). Any work involving plumbing, water, gas, heat/air or sewer will require a permit. The plumber must be licensed with the City of Nichols Hills. This includes French drains. French drains must either penetrate the curb or be open ended at least 12 feet from the back of the curb or street edge. A permit application may be obtained at 1009 N.W. 75th Street. For information call 843-5315.

SECURING LOADS REQUIRED (ORDINANCE NO. 540). No vehicle loaded and traveling on Nichols Hills streets will allow the load to drop, leak, blow or otherwise escape from the vehicle. All loads must be securely fastened so as to prevent the covering or load from becoming loose or detached creating a hazard to other users of the roadway. Any vehicle loaded with sand, cinders, grass or other loose materials susceptible to blowing or escaping must be covered to prevent the blowing or escaping of said load.

CONSTRUCTION PROHIBITED ON SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS (ORDINANCE NO.778, SECTION 15-114). It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in any kind of excavation or construction work or to operate or cause to be operated, any machinery, truck, saw, hammer, or other equipment use or operated for excavation or construction purposes or for tree trimming or removal, or to otherwise in any manner to disturb the peace and quiet within the city on any Sunday, or New Years Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or between the hours of 7pm or sunset, whichever shall first occur, and 7 am on Monday through Saturday of each week. This shall not apply to emergency work necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.


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