Sanitation Summer Schedule
Due to increased temperatures, the Sanitation Department will start trash pickup at 6:30 am June 20, 2023, thru September 1, 2023. For questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 405-843-5222.
Severe Weather

If the City of Nichols Hills is under a tornado warning our Emergency Call Takers will activate the Outdoor Warning Sirens. However; if there is the slightest chance of severe weather in our area we strongly urge you to move indoors and closely monitor the weather through one of our local television or radio stations. All of our local networks have tremendous weather forecasting capabilities and are very dedicated to protecting the public.

If you have a smart phone there are a multitude of free apps you can download that will alert you if there is severe weather in your area. All of our local networks and the National Weather Service offer free apps as a resource for people to keep themselves informed of any potential danger.

If you are in an area under a threat of severe weather we strongly urge you to stay indoors and monitor the situation until the danger has passed. If you are in an area under a tornado warning we strongly urge you to seek shelter underground.

The City of Nichols Hills does not have a FEMA approved storm shelter so please monitor the weather closely and plan in advance for a place to take shelter. If you must drive to a safe place of shelter please allow plenty of time, waiting too long is very risky and likely to have a bad outcome if you are in the path of a tornado.

Storm Shelter Registration:

The Nichols Hills Fire Department has implemented a storm Shelter Registration Program. Registering your storm shelter will help fire fighters rapidly locate and render aid to your family in the event of a weather-related emergency.

Go to the Storm Shelter Registration Form and Register online or contact Nichols Hills Fire Department at 405-842-5881 or by email at 

In the event of severe weather conditions your family needs to be prepared. Planning is a very important aspect of staying safe. Be proactive and design a family disaster plan today. For help designing a disaster plan for your family go to the Red Cross website .

Disabilities or Special Needs:

For those with disabilities or special needs, we offer a "Self Identification" form to provide Nichols Hills Emergency Services with vital information. Once the form is downloaded, filled out and returned, the Self ID form will stay with the Nichols Hills Fire Department for use during emergency situations. "Self Identification Form download"


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