Commission Rules & Regulations





City Council meeting January 12, 2010




1.01   Purpose. The Environment, Health, & Sustainability Commission hereby adopts the following Rules and Regulations in order to establish operating procedures intended to supplement the provisions currently contained in Ordinance #913 addressing the Definition of Sustainable Design, Appointments, Terms, Removal from Office, Duties, Officers, Meetings and Scheduling, and Quorum.  The operation of the Environment, Health, & Sustainability Commission shall be governed by these Rules and Regulations and by the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act (25 O.S. §§ 301-314 (1981)) and the Oklahoma Open Records Act (51 O.S §§ 24A.1 (2000)).


Rule Two:  NAME


2.01   The Name of this Commission shall be the City of Nichols Hills “ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, & SUSTAINABILITY COMMISSION” and may hereinafter be referred to as “EHSC” or the “COMMISSION.”




3.01   The goals, interests, activities, and focuses of the Commission are further explained in the Statement of Purpose as approved by the City Council on August 12, 2008. 




4.01   Chairman:  The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Commission and shall perform all other duties necessary or incidental to the office.  The Chairman shall attend all Meetings of bodies of which the Commission is made an ex-officio member, or shall designate any member of the Commission to attend such Meetings in the place and stead of the Chairman.


4.02   Vice-Chairman:  In the event of absence or inability to act as Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall take the place and perform the duties of the Chairman.  In the event of absence or

inability to act of both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the remaining members of the Commission shall appoint one of their members to act temporarily as Chairman until a special election can be held.


4.03   Secretary:  The minutes shall be taken and kept by the City Clerk.  All records of the Commission shall be kept in the office of the City Clerk and shall be made available to the public for inspection.  In the absence of or at the request of the City Clerk, the EHSC Secretary shall be able to take the minutes.


4.04     The Chairman and City Clerk shall sign Minutes of all Regular and Special Meetings. 




5.01     Officers shall be members of the Commission, which have been duly appointed by the City Council, and shall be elected at the first Regular Meeting of the Commission in July.  Officers shall hold office for one year and/or until their successors are elected.




6.01   Cancellation of Change of Regular Meetings:  If the Regular Meeting day falls on a legal holiday, or if a recommendation is made by the Chairman that a Regular Meeting be cancelled or changed, the Chairman may cancel the Regular Meeting or fix another time thereof.  Emailed notice or cancellation or of a change in a Regular Meeting time must be given at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled time of such Meeting.  The rules established in Rule Six are in addition to those applicable to the Commission from the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.


6.02     Voting:  All members present shall vote for or against each motion brought to a vote unless a member is excused from voting by a conflict of interest.  A motion that receives less than a majority vote is a failed motion resulting in disapproval of the action requested to be taken by the Commission unless a substitute motion for a continuance or other action is adopted.


6.03  Parliamentary Procedure:  The rules of parliamentary practice, as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order, shall govern all meetings of the Commission except as otherwise provided herein.


6.04    Minutes:  Minutes of Regular and Special Meetings will be kept by the City Clerk in whose absence special arrangements for taking those minutes will be made.


6.05    Recommendations to the City Council:  Recommendations to the City Council must be submitted by noon on Wednesday of the week preceding the regular City Council Meeting on Tuesday.  The Recommendation to the City Council must be submitted complete with all supporting information reasonably considered to satisfy the task of informing the Council Members on the substance and background of the recommendation.


6.06   Order of Business:  The order of business at any Regular Meeting may be as follows:

1.                   Call to Order

2.                   Roll Call

3.                   Approval of Minutes

4.                   City Staff Report

5.                   New Business

6.                   Old Business

7.                   Focus Area Reports

8.                   Treasurer’s Report

9.                   Discussion of any Focus Area Recommendations

10.                Adjournment

The Chairman may change the Order of Business as determined necessary for the Commission to conduct its business effectively.


6.07    Public Comment:  An item on the Agenda may provide an opportunity for members of the public address the Commission on subjects of interest to the public.


Rule Seven:     AMENDMENTS


7.01     These Rule and Regulations may only be amended by the Commission, with the approval of the City Council, at any Regular Meeting of the Commission by a majority vote provided that the amendment has been of record for at least thirty (30) days.


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