Nichols Hills Winter Storm Update
There are no water issues in Nichols Hills. We did not have any major water leaks due to last week's weather, so NO water boil orders are in place in Nichols Hills.
Wildlife and Habitat Conservation

The citizens of the City of Nichols Hills have expressed interest in the preservation and conservation of natural resources that are currently enjoyed in the City.  These natural resources include a diversity of habitat sites, namely parklands and wetlands (anywhere weeping willows and cottonwoods grow).

Many parklands have older growth, specifically hardwood trees (remains of a forest), which have been preserved since Nichols Hills was developed in 1929.  While patches of parklands are important, the most valuable habitat site is Grand Boulevard Park.

The Grand Boulevard Park is a connecting corridor, greenway, and pathway in which wildlife are able to forage and live.  The channel, a tributary creek of the Deep Fork River, is an important element in the park.  Although amphibians have lost habitat in the concrete embankments in the channel, they have been observed in the south end of the creek.  There are also diverse bird communities in Nichols Hills, including the nesting of the highest concentration of Mississippi Kites in the State of Oklahoma.

Citizens want to ensure that this natural environment and wildlife habitat is conserved and enjoyed by Oklahomans now and in the future.


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