Paving Improvements to 1600-1700 Blocks of Randel Rd.

Rudy Construction will begin pavement improvements to the southbound lane of Randel Rd on February 12, 2024. They will start at Huntington Ave. and work their way toward 63rd Street.

Air Quality and Noise Pollution

The City of Nichols Hills is surrounded by urban areas with intense motor vehicle traffic resulting in intermittent periods of negatively impacted air quality. 

The days the City is severely impacted are called “Ozone Alert Days.”  The citizens of the City of Nichols Hills have expressed interest in reviewing methods of reducing impacts to air quality and minimizing nuisance noise, especially during hot summer months, such as fueling vehicles, use of lawn mowers and leaf blowers, ways to encourage car pooling and alternative means of transportation such as bicycling and notice procedures alerting citizens on those days when air quality is expected to be severely impacted. 

Interesting links regarding air quality include:


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