Nichols Hills Winter Storm Update
There are no water issues in Nichols Hills. We did not have any major water leaks due to last week's weather, so NO water boil orders are in place in Nichols Hills.
Cold Weather and Cooking Safety

Cold Weather Safety Tips From
The Nichols Hills Fire Dept.



1.      If you need to go outside for a good amount of time dress in several layers and wear a waterproof or windproof outer layer.


2.      The nose, earlobes, and fingertips tend to be highly susceptible to frostbite so always keep these parts covered. The body loses approximately 40% of its heat through the head. Wearing a hat will conserve body heat.


3.      Always monitor young children and the elderly closely when outside in the cold because they are more prone to cold related injuries.


4.      If you are going to be out in the cold for a long period of time do not smoke or drink alcohol this makes the body’s circulatory system change and causes the body to become colder.


5.      Before driving a car or going on long trips or just to the grocery store make sure you check you antifreeze level and carry a spare gallon, also carry blankets, extra clothing, etc. and make sure your tank is full of gas.


6.      If your heater is not working in your house do not attempt to heat the house with the oven. Burning gas in a closed house uses up oxygen and produces deadly carbon monoxide gases.




Thanksgiving Cooking Tips From

The Nichols Hills Fire Dept.



1.      Clean any grease build up from the stove and exhaust fan before cooking.


2.      Cooking grease and oil will ignite easily; always have a lid or bigger pan to smother a small pan fire.


3.      Do not use water or flour on a grease fire it will only make the fire bigger. Keep a lid, baking soda, or a small kitchen fire extinguisher handy.


4.      Keep pot handles turned inward, out of reach of children and avoid reaching over the stove for anything while cooking.


5.      Keep appliance cords up on the counter tops out of reach of children and make sure you check the cords for any frays or broken spots.


6.      Never leave cooking unattended, if you leave be sure and turn the heat off.


7.      Shield yourself from steam when uncovering food. Steam can cause serious burns.


8.      Dress for fire safety in the kitchen. Do not wear loose fit clothes such as nightgowns, bathrobes, etc. while cooking.



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