Nichols Hills Winter Storm Update
There are no water issues in Nichols Hills. We did not have any major water leaks due to last week's weather, so NO water boil orders are in place in Nichols Hills.
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Fire Department
Fire Department

Nichols Hills Residents,

As many of you know we have an active fire prevention program. Most of our work is done at the school and daycare centers within our city. We are able to provide this valuable life saving information due to state and federal laws that allow us access. Unfortunately we have no jurisdiction in private residences and many tragic accidents occur each day due to uninformed and unprepared residents. We would love to provide you with the tools you need to eliminate or survive a fire in your home. In the United States and Canada, three home fires are reported every four minutes. Every hour, there is an average of two fire-related injuries, and nine people die in home fires each day.


Fire can happen in any home. The best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to prevent fires from occurring. Practice "situational awareness" which means think safety in everything you do, especially when working with any flammable liquids or electrical tools or appliances. Imagine everything that could go wrong with this process and then do whatever is necessary to prevent it from happening.

The most important thing you can do to survive a fire is have working smoke detectors in your home. They should be placed where they can be heard from anywhere in the house but especially where people sleep. There are two types of smoke detectors; photoelectric or ionization. We recommend purchasing dual sensor smoke detectors that have both type of sensors. The batteries should be replaced twice a year.

If you need help installing smoke detectors, are interested in a home safety survey,  or would just like some questions answered we would love the opportunity to serve you.

Please call:

Nichols Hills Fire Department

6407 Avondale Dr.

Nichols Hills Ok. 73116



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