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Police Chief's Monthy Comments January 2006

Chief Richard Mask
Chief Richard Mask

There were no burglaries reported for the month of December, leaving the total number of burglaries for 2005 at seven. There were also seven auto thefts reported this year. Of the auto thefts reported, all have been recovered. All seven of the vehicles had been left unlocked and the keys were either in the ignition or console. In all seven cases, valuables had been left inside the vehicles and were visible. Stolen vehicles are often the ones that you read about being involved in high speed pursuits with the police that end with death or serious injury. We have seen a pattern develop over the last few years that would indicate that when vehicles and/or valuables are easily stolen, the thieves return to the same location again weeks or months later and repeat the crime. 


Of the larcenies reported during 2005, the vast majority were due to items being taken from vehicles. Thieves will generally walk through the neighborhoods in the early morning hours undetected and go house to house looking for valuables left inside. They will shine a flashlight inside the car looking for wallets, purses, laptop computers, golf clubs, DVDís and cdís, credit cards, keys, etc. If the items are visible and the vehicle unlocked, the thief will open the door and take the merchandise. If the vehicle is locked and the merchandise is visible, the thief will break a rear window to avoid the car alarm. In both cases if the keys are inside, the car is stolen. 


We encourage all residents to go to visit Nichols Hills Website, or tune in to the cityís cable station on channel 20 for updates on events in the city as well as crime trend information.


We would also like to congratulate Officer Vicki Odom on her retirement from the police department and at the same time, welcome her as our newest Communications Officer





Chief Richard Mask


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