Notice: Fiber Optics Cable Installation
Marshallís Underground Fiber Optics will be working in the front and back yard easements in various locations throughout the city starting April 6, 2022, to install 5g fiber optic cabling. If you have any questions, please call 405-843-5222. Very Respectfully, Aaron C Buckman Deputy Director of Public Works 405-695-2694
Storm Shelter Registration Encouraged By City Officials
Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurrican Rita
Hurrican Rita

As City Staff members met on Thursday September 22 to review severe weather contingency plans should hurricane Rita spawn severe weather as it travels through parts of the State this weekend, the importance of storm shelter registration by City residents once again immerged.

Many private residences in Nichols Hills have storm shelters due to that lack of Public storm shelter facilities in the City. During severe weather, residents are asked to take cover in the private storm shelter of a friend or neighbor and those residentís having shelters are ask to open them up to friends and neighbors. Some local area businesses and churches also provide storm shelter services. Residents are encouraged to plan ahead identifying and locating a private shelter in their area and make plans with the owner for its use well in advance of any need.

There are numerous private storm shelter facilities throughout Nichols Hills but very few are registered with the Fire Department. Registering your storm shelter will help fire and emergency response personnel in rapidly locating and rendering aid in the event of a weather-related emergency.

Residents can register their shelter by calling the Nichols Hills Fire Department at 405-843-8526 or can register them on-line at the City's website or at the link provided below.


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