Police Chief's Monthy Comments June 2005

June, 2005


There were no burglaries reported during the month of June. We have had two residential burglaries since the beginning of the year.


Traffic enforcement remained steady in June and there were only two accidents, neither of which involved injuries. There continues to be a great amount of construction in Nichols Hills, both new and remodels, so we will continue to warn residents concerning nails in the roadway and parking problems on our narrow streets.


The process continues in our efforts to hire both police officers and dispatchers. We have narrowed the list of police officer candidates from ninety-six, to the top seven applicants and one possibly two vacancies will be filled from the top candidates. The officer position should be filled by the third week of July.


Sergeant Steven Cox has almost completed the renovation of the police department and it is beginning to look like a new building. Sergeant Cox volunteered to remodel the department on his regularly scheduled duty days when there were at least two other officers on duty. He was paid his normal salary and this has been a great savings to the City of Nichols Hills. He has textured, painted the rooms and installed new ceiling tiles throughout the police department. We are fortunate to have people with the skills and the desire to help create a better working environment. Thanks to Sergeant Cox, and to Major Arnold who assisted in replacing ceiling tiles. It was a dirty and nasty job and thirty-five years of accumulated debris fell into their faces.





Chief Richard Mask


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