OG&E Vegetation Pruning

OG&E appreciates the value that trees bring to homes and neighborhoods throughout our service area because OG&E employees live and work in the communities that we serve. Our customers expect us to deliver reliable electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are making investments in a smarter and stronger energy grid. As you may have noticed, OG&E is performing grid enhancement work in Nichols Hills. These investments ensure we can safely continue to provide you with reliable and resilient electric service by reducing outages, improving response times, and protecting against damage from extreme weather.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission requires OG&E to prune and, when necessary, remove trees on a regular schedule with certified line-clearance arborists to manage the estimated 2.3 million trees growing near or under overhead power lines throughout our service area. Customers are given advance notice, and our arborists are allowed to access private property for the purpose of vegetation management through easements, designated land that gives electric companies, and gas, water, and telecommunications providers, the right to access the property to repair and maintain facilities for the good of the community.

OG&Es standards and best practices require pruning vegetation between 10 feet and 14 feet from electric wires. Fast-growing maple trees, along with Mulberry, Hackberry, Elm, Silver Maple, Cottonwood, and Willow, may require more significant limb reduction when located under power lines to ensure no growth reaches the electric lines before the next scheduled tree trimming cycle. Trimming trees located near and under electric lines is critical to ensuring safety and reliable power for all our customers. Our crews are trained and certified and follow a strategic process that balances the need to protect the safety of our crews and our customers, maintaining reliability, and, when possible, minimizing the aesthetic impact on trees.

As you may be aware, city leaders in Nichols Hills are considering a proposal for underground power lines. OG&E continues to work with city leaders as they decide whether to pursue this proposal. As the city evaluates the proposal, OG&E will trim trees related to protecting recent grid investments that harden the grid to severe weather and increase reliability for all customers.

We understand neighborhoods love the trees that line their streets because trees provide shade and value to the people who live there. OG&E is working to preserve that as much as possible while also ensuring our customers maintain safe and reliable electric service.

OG&E Vegetation Pruning document.


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