Police Chief's Monthly Comments - December 2004

There were no burglaries reported in December and our total for the year ended with four. The last time that Nichols Hills only had four burglaries in one year was 1959. In 2003 there were twelve vehicles reported as stolen. In 2004, there were no reported auto thefts. I attribute the dramatic drop in stolen autos to the police department’s intense effort to inform the public concerning the danger involved in leaving your vehicle running with the keys in the ignition.


The police department received a new patrol car this month that replaced the vehicle totaled in November’s pursuit. The insurance carrier allowed $12,000 for the police vehicle that was totaled and the cost of replacement is approximately $30,000. The police car that we just received had already been budgeted for 2004/2005. We did not anticipate the loss of the wrecked vehicle. The only effect on the police department will be that we will keep one of the older vehicles for an additional six months.


On December 8, the police department hosted a seminar on the topic of” Recognition of Fraudulent Documents”. There were thirty-three state, county and municipal law enforcement officers in attendance. Detective Funderburk has scheduled our department to host three training seminars in 2005.


Our officers continue to hand out free “No Solicitors “ decals for our residents and merchants and the decals are also available at the police department. Our efforts in that area are simply to deter those who would prey on our residents by defrauding the elderly, and are not designed in any way to hamper those legitimate solicitors who obtain the proper permit.


In December, our officers began encouraging our residents to change their driver’s license address to reflect that they reside in Nichols Hills and not Oklahoma City. Officers are explaining the benefit to the resident of having a Nichols Hills address on their checking account and credit card account. The new point of delivery tax law has a tremendous potential of creating new revenue for Nichols Hills that might otherwise go to Oklahoma City.




Chief Richard Mask


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