Cox Business Ice Storm Update

Our employees, who live and work in this community, are highly committed to ensuring your services are up and running smoothly. They are working hard around the clock to make sure this restoration process is completed as quickly as possible.
Finding the Outages
Our crews have spent the past week assessing the storm’s impact.  Because our service is connected to power lines, completion of our assessment had to wait until the power company’s work was complete. At this time, we know there are still many residents and businesses without power, but some now been restored. There are still areas that we have not been able to access to assess damage, but areas we have access to and power is restored, we have made progress. We have identified a great deal of damage and are working round the clock to get all customers up and running --- at work and at home.
Restoring Services
As the remaining power customers are restored, our crews continue to follow closely behind to fix the areas of our plant that are down. Sometimes, it takes longer than anyone would like for service to be restored, and we understand that can be difficult. Following this historic ice storm, we checked on thousands of lines and pieces of equipment that are damaged in some way. Our crews have been helped significantly by the men and women who have come in from outside of Oklahoma City to help our community recover.
We prioritized emergency preparedness facilities, first responders, medical and nursing facilities, and schools in our restoration efforts, alongside repairing damage that would restore the most businesses and residences.  While we have made significant progress and are restoring some customers, some individual issues with direct connections or cable lines to individual businesses and homes still exist. Since the remaining damage is more on an individual basis, while also being very widespread, we’re unable to give estimated restoral times. We’re working on all issues as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience throughout this process.
Additional Information 
  • Power on but no internet: If your power is working, but your internet is not, please reset your Cox equipment by unplugging and plugging in your devices. If you have power in your home or business, the node (power source) that provides Cox services to your home or business may have been damaged and/or lost power. Power or the cable lines could also be out between the node and businesses/homes. Our technicians are walking neighborhoods, checking line by line to ensure all is restored properly.
  • Intermittent service outages: We’re currently using many generators to power our services as power is being restored. Intermittent service outages may occur as providers are working to replace lines, remove trees and restore equipment to power from generators.
  • Tree debris removal: As you’re removing debris, please take caution and place away from Cox equipment.  Keeping our equipment clear allows our crews to better facilitate repairing and replacing cable lines.
  • Stay connected even when service is down:  
  • Cox Wifi Hotspots: All Cox Wifi Hotspots, normally available only to Cox customers, are currently activated for anyone to use when they are in the serviceable area. Cox Internet customers have access to their email account, as well.
  • Forward home phones to cell phones: If you are a Cox Voice customer, you can log in to and activate Simultaneous Ring to answer your home phone calls on your mobile device, as well as access your voicemail.
Resources for Communicating with Us/Updates
Although we can’t give you the exact time/date your services will be restored because we don’t have all the ETA’s from the power company, we are happy to chat with you and give you any and all updates available to us via the following methods:
  • Click here to chat with an agent online
  • Text 36009
  • Call our 24/7 support team at (866) 272-5777


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