Notice: Fiber Optics Cable Installation
Marshall’s Underground Fiber Optics will be working in the front and back yard easements in various locations throughout the city starting April 6, 2022, to install 5g fiber optic cabling. If you have any questions, please call 405-843-5222. Very Respectfully, Aaron C Buckman Deputy Director of Public Works 405-695-2694
Solicitors in Nichols Hills

Solicitor Permit
Solicitor Permit

 Please be aware that we have responded to several complaints of solicitors making door to door sales without first obtaining a city permit. The Nichols Hills Police Department will conduct a check of all parties that apply for a solicitor’s permit to verify that they do not have prior convictions for such things as burglary or assault. We often find that persons that apply have extensive criminal histories and they will not be issued a permit. Permits allow solicitation at residences that do not have “No Solicitation” signs posted. If you have this type of sign posted no one is allowed to solicit at your door. If you have a solicitor come to your door and they do not have a city permit like this one visible, do not answer the door. Instead call the police and let us identify them and take the necessary action. We strongly advise you against letting anyone you do not know into your home. Thank you for your assistance.


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