Notice: Fiber Optics Cable Installation
Marshall’s Underground Fiber Optics will be working in the front and back yard easements in various locations throughout the city starting April 6, 2022, to install 5g fiber optic cabling. If you have any questions, please call 405-843-5222. Very Respectfully, Aaron C Buckman Deputy Director of Public Works 405-695-2694
29th Annual Nichols Hills Garden Tour

The 29th Annual Nichols Hills Garden Tour will be held Saturday, June 2, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Expert gardeners will be present to answer horticultural questions and describe garden designs. All benefits from the tour go towards the upkeep of all of the 31 (thirty one) parks in Nichols Hills.


[ In the event of rain, the tour will be rescheduled for Sunday, June 3th, from 1:00p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ]




On tour day tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased at the gardens. Advance Tickets are $15.00 and may be purchased at any one of the following stores:



·         CK Company  - 843-7636

·         Horn’s Seed Co. – 842-6607

·         Mockingbird Manor Antiques – 521-1212

·         New Leaf Florist – 842-0308

·         No Regrets – 753-5485

·         On a Whim – 848-3488

·         PreCure Garden Center on 63rd – 721-5637

·         PreCure Garden Center on West Reno – 789-4930

·         The Paper Lion – 348-0952

·         Tony Foss Florist – 843-4119

·         TLC on Memorial – 751-8657

·         TLC on NW Expressway – 720-0091

·         Wilshire Garden Market – 879-1121

·         42nd Street Candy Co – 521-8337


The special thing/s about this year’s tour:

Eclectic! This year's tour is eclectic because of the variety of styles and individual elements that include sumptuous traditional gardens, herb and vegetable gardens, and very modern gardens with dramatic simplicity, punctuated with random, bold highlights of color. 


The great thing about this tour is:

The featured gardens are "Okie" in that the plantings and landscapes, for the most part, do well in our wild Oklahoma climate. We hope that those who experience this tour will depart with practical and workable ideas that can be tailored to their own outdoor spaces.


The joys of taking this tour are:

Quality time with family and friends, doing something for sheer pleasure, getting out of the usual week-end rut, spending time outdoors, poking around somebody's back yard, helping the community parks and finally, having intense thoughts about air-conditioning!  


Our featured gardens include:


·        Leigh Ann & Paul Albers
6609 NW Grand Blvd.


·        Scott Connor & Dr. Kittye Little
1604 Drury Lane

·        Simone & Peter Fulmer
7209 Waverly


·        Jan & Jim Loftis
1806 Huntington Ave.


·        Diana & Danny Kennedy
1712 Pennington Way


·        Tammy & Bill Federman
6807 Avondale Drive



Committee Members:

Susan Marshall

Amy Bankhead

Diane Brown

Dana Childress

Nazette Zuhdi Cleaver

Joni Flesher

Whitney Hooten

Melissa Smith Meibergen

Kelly Moody

Laney Patterson


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