Notice: Fiber Optics Cable Installation
Marshalls Underground Fiber Optics will be working in the front and back yard easements in various locations throughout the city starting April 6, 2022, to install 5g fiber optic cabling. If you have any questions, please call 405-843-5222. Very Respectfully, Aaron C Buckman Deputy Director of Public Works 405-695-2694
Notice of Public Hearing on April 18, 2012 BOA 2012-04



CASE NO. BOA 2012-04


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application has been filed seeking a variance from the Nichols Hills City Code on the following described property:


Lot 5, Block 25 within the City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma also known as 6608 Avondale. Current Zoning is R-1-60. The applicants are requesting a variance to build onto their home 24 past the side setback on one side and 2 feet on the other side.  The side setback for that lot is 10% of the front width [09].


A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD on said application by the Nichols Hills Board of Adjustment in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, 6407 Avondale Drive, Nichols Hills, Oklahoma on the 18th day of April 2012 at 5:30 p.m.


ALL PERSONS, OWNERS, OR RESIDENTS within the above described area are hereby given notice that they may appear at said hearing or file a petition within the Board of Adjustment and offer arguments and evidence for or against the granting of said application as they deem proper in the premises.


Dated this 16th day of March, 2012



Kristi Hort

Kristi Hort

City Clerk

City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma




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