Notice: Sanitation Summer Schedule
Due to increased temperatures, the Sanitation Department will start trash pickup at 6:30 am. June 6, 2022, thru September 1, 2022. For questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 405-843-5222.
Daily Water Consumption

Due to the extreme conditions we will be implementing Phase 2 of the Nichols Hills Water Conservation Plan. At this time we are having difficulty maintaining the water level in our storage tanks. Lawn watering between the hours of 6AM and 10 AM would help in maintaining our tower levels. Any reduced water usage  will be appreciated.

GOALS: · Heighten Public awareness of existing water conditions · Reduce one day peak usage to less than 3,000,000 gallons · Reduce monthly pumping to less than 55 million gallons

EDUCATION ACTIONS: · The City will promote water conservation · Post daily water usage on the Nichols web site

MANAGEMENT ACTIONS: · Drop water system pressure to 58 PSI · Repair all leaks within 72 hrs. · Reduce hydrant flushing · Monitor park water usage Aug 30, 2011 usage: 2,575,000 gallons

For further details see ‘Water Conservation Plan’ on our website.


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