Nichols Hills Police Department Crime Update - November 15th, 2010

As you may recall, on September 13th of this year, Officer Hobbs was called to the 1600 block of Pennington Way on a suspicious vehicle. She arrived in less than two minutes. When she arrived she observed a vehicle parked on the street with the trunk and one door open. Officer Hobbs noticed a car had been jacked up and two wheels and tires were lying on the ground. There were also four wheel covers belonging to the tires, that were in the back floorboard of the suspect vehicle. The occupants had already fled the area but there were several identifying documents in the car. Detective Cox processed the vehicle for evidence and was able to lift five fingerprints from the wheel covers. All but one have since been identified as belonging to the same person whose identification was inside the suspect vehicle, that appeared to have been stolen. At the time of this report, Jacob Wayne Grayson W M Ė 19 years of age has been charged with felony larceny and is in the Oklahoma County Jail.


In addition, on November 11th, 2010 sometime between midnight and 8:00 a.m.  a vehicle was stolen from the 1200 block of Glenbrook Terrace. Once again, the vehicle had been left unlocked with the keys inside. To make things worse, a twelve gauge shotgun had been left inside the car. A short time later, the vehicle was found with the engine still running, in the west parking lot of All Souls Church New Life Center. The shotgun was found laying on the ground. When officers found the car, they went to the owners home to inform them of the loss and discovered the owners golf clubs on the driveway.


The stories mentioned above illustrate two good points. In the first incident, the home owner was awakened by noise and immediately dialed 911, allowing the Nichols Hills Police Department to respond before the thieves could load the wheels and escape. This led to the recovery of stolen property and the arrest of the thief.


The second incident should serve as a reminder that you never leave your vehicle unlocked with or without the keys inside but definitely not with the keys inside. You should never leave valuable property visible inside your car whether it is locked or not and particularly not a firearm. Please lock your car and donít leave the keys inside. Do it for your neighbor.


On another note, the holiday season is here and the crime rate increases. We have already begun having packages disappear from front porches. If you are expecting packages to be delivered by UPS, FEDEX or others, make arrangement for someone to be home when they are delivered.


Here are a few general crime prevention tips to be aware of:


1.       Lock your doors and set your alarms and donít leave your garage doors up.

2.       Never allow strangers in your home, regardless of their story. Dial 911 and we will help them. If they are legitimate they will wait for us.

3.       Lock your cars and donít leave gifts inside.

4.       If you leave for the holidays, alert the police and have your mail and papers picked up.

5.       Find a hiding place inside your home for expensive or important valuables.

6.       Donít do business with door to door solicitors.

7.       Be extremely careful doing your Holiday shopping. Robberies in mall parking lots have increased. Park in lighted areas and donít go alone. Donít wear jewelry and take only the cash or credit card that you will need. Be observant driving home and make sure you are not followed. If you think you are being followed drive to the Nichols Hills Police Department and honk. Keep your car doors locked.


Have a Happy and Safe Holiday,


Chief Mask


p.s. Report anything that you believe is suspicious by dialing 911.


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