Nichols Hills Water Watch - Water Conservation Plan Triggered

Water Watch Graph
Water Watch Graph Aug 1 Thru Aug 8, 2008

It is that time of year again! Water wells are being pushed to the limit. Because of water usage and other variables, we have reached Stage 1 of our Water Conservation Plan.


We will start monitoring and reduce hydrant use, monitor park sprinklers, drop system pressure to 58 psi, and repair every known leak within 72 hours. All in an attempt to conserve water usage. Any voluntary reduction in water usage will be greatly appreciated. Please help us better serve you.


The entire Water Conservation Plan can be viewed on the City's website. Click here to view the plan


Nichols Hills Water Watch Facts ! 


Average gallons-per-day for a City Nichols Hills size:

  • National Average 603,000 gallons per day
  • Nichols Hills Average 2,500,000+ gallons per day (see Water Watch Chart)

Average gallons-per-day per person:

  • National Average =150 gallons per day
  • Nichols Hills Average = 746 gallons per day



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