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New Automated Water Meters Installed Throughout the City

Automated Water Meter
Automated Meter Reading System

Around March 15, 2008, Krapff Reynolds Construction Company will begin installing new water meters throughout the city.  The water meter replacements are part of an “Automated Meter Reading” project introduced by the City several months ago.


The project consists of replacing old water meters with new ones that can transmit water usage readings by radio to computerized meter reading equipment. This allows the meters to be read electronically by driving down the street in a specialized truck instead of having employees walk through the neighborhoods manually reading and recording meter readings.


The system will allow water meters to be read in one day as apposed to the 15-20 days it currently takes to have all the meters manually read. The system will also improve the accuracy of meter readings and shorten the time between reading and billing by allowing the readings to be automatically uploaded into the City’s utility billing system instead of having to be manually entered into the billing system by a utility billing clerk.


An additional benefit to the system is that each meter will contain a 45 day history of usage in electronic memory, which will provide vital information in pinpointing and evaluating unusual incidents of water usage.


The City has already installed over 600 of the automated meters and originally planed to replace all the meters using city crews. But due to the man hours involved, the City has selected to have a private contractor assist them in completing the project by installing the remaining 2000 meters.  


Once completed, Nichols Hills will be the first City in the Metro area to have a 100% completely automated water meter system and will also be one of only a few cities in the State to have one of the automated systems.


All Krapff-Reynolds personnel will have company identification badges and all company vehicles will be clearly marked. Residents will be notified 48 to 24 hours in advance of their meters being replaced, and the water will be shut off briefly during each installation. Residents should allow one hour for each installation.


If you have any questions concerning the project please contact the Nichols Hills Public Works Department at 405-843-5222 or by e-mail at


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