Police Chief's Monthy Comments March 2006

Chief Richard Mask
Chief Richard Mask

On February 17th, officers were notified of a possible residential burglary that had occurred in the 1700 block of Windsor. The break-in had been discovered by a neighbor while the home owner was out of town. The home owner had recently had construction work completed on the house and there was no alarm. On February 13th, officers stopped a subject for DUI and discovered a loaded firearm. He was arrested and placed in county jail. On February 25th, a resident was arrested for assault and domestic violence concerning an incident that began at a residence in the 1500 block of Drury. The husband was arrested and the victim, his wife was treated for her injuries.


In another incident that occurred on February 25th, a police officer was involved in a minor traffic accident and discovered that the other driverís license had been revoked and had several outstanding warrants for his arrest. After the accident had been investigated, the subject was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail.


Also in February, an incident occurred in a retail clothing store in the south plaza. A merchant contacted the police concerning a possible shoplifter. A suspect had been seen taking an expensive item into the dressing room and then exiting the store without the item. A clerk checked the dressing room and it was empty. When the suspect was contacted and informed of the possible existence of a security camera video, the suspect returned to the store and paid $500. for the item and was allowed to spend an additional $400.00 dollars on other merchandise. Because of the quick action of the store personnel and the police, a $500.00 loss was turned into a $900.00 gain.





Chief Richard Mask.


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