Paving Improvements to 1600-1700 Blocks of Randel Rd.

Rudy Construction will begin pavement improvements to the southbound lane of Randel Rd on February 12, 2024. They will start at Huntington Ave. and work their way toward 63rd Street.

Community Links
arrowbubble.gif Coronavirus Disease Information Hotline - State Department of Health
This is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation and CDC will provide updated information as it becomes available.
arrowbubble.gif Nichols Hills Municipal Code
On-Line Code Book for the City of Nichols Hills
arrowbubble.gif Election Dates: Oklahoma County Election Board:
Shows upcoming election dates.
arrowbubble.gif Nichols Hills History
Historical information on Nichols Hills provided by the Oklahoma Historical Society.
arrowbubble.gif Okies For Monarchs website
The Oklahoma Monarch & Pollinator Collaborative initiative is a statewide group of 40+ organizations and citizens working together to ensure thriving Monarch migrations for generations to come.
arrowbubble.gif Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Tree Canopy Assessment
The Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Tree Canopy Assessment is the first of its kind conducted within a 536 square mile study area in Central Oklahoma. This assessment was conducted during the spring and summer of 2019. Part of the assessment included using high-resolution satellite imagery to provide a birds-eye view of the entire forest within the study area showing the land cover type and distribution of the existing tree canopy. Along with the land cover assessment, a planting priority analysis was conducted to provide guidance and recommendations for future plantings to help mitigate the impacts of urban heat islands and stormwater runoff.
arrowbubble.gif Prescription Drug Collection Site Locator
Too often, unused prescription drugs find their way into the wrong hands. That's dangerous and often tragic. That's why it was great to see thousands of folks from across the country clean out their medicine cabinets and turn in - safely and anonymously - a record amount of prescription drugs.
Cool Sites
arrowbubble.gif The Official U.S. Time Clock
This is a public service provided the US Department of Commerce and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This site is intended as a time of day service only.
Federal Government Links
arrowbubble.gif Supreme Court of the United States
This Website is an official United States Government System. It is intended for use by the bar, the public, and the news media for viewing and retrieving information only. The automated docket system is the Court's case tracking system. It contains information about cases, both pending and decided. The docket provided on this page contains information regarding the status of cases for both the current Term and the prior Term. The Court's Term begins on the first Monday in October and ends on the preceding day the next year. The October Term 2000 begins on October 2, 2000. Information on the docket is updated on the day after an entry is made on the docket.
arrowbubble.gif The Department of Homeland Security
arrowbubble.gif USA.GOV Website
Provides links to the Federal Legislative Branch , the Federal Judicial Branch , the Federal Executive Branch, Federal Boards, Commissions, and Committees.
arrowbubble.gif Cyber Bullying Information
Complete reference guide on Cyber Bullying from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Contains information of what is cyber bullying, what you can do about it, and how to report it.
Local News
arrowbubble.gif KFOR Channel 4 News
Local News, Weather and Emergency Information.
arrowbubble.gif KOCO Channel 5 News
Local News, Weather and Emergency Information.
arrowbubble.gif KOKH Channel 25 News
Local News, Weather and Public Programming
arrowbubble.gif KWTV Channel 9 News
Local News, Weather and Emergency Information.
arrowbubble.gif OETA Channel 13 News
Local News, Weather and Public Programming
Metro Area Links
arrowbubble.gif City of Oklahoma City - Emergency Management
The City of Oklahoma City Emergency Management Department's "Know What To Do" site. It provides information on hazards and events that could impact the Oklahoma City Metro Area.
State of Oklahoma Links
arrowbubble.gif Oklahoma Department of Corrections - Offender Lookup
The Oklahoma Department of Corrections maintains records on all persons who are or have been in their custody or assigned to their supervision. The Department of Corrections makes this information available to the public through a searchable database. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections updates this information regularly to ensure that it is complete and accurate, however, the information may not reflect the current location, status, projected release date, or other information regarding an inmate. This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. Reliance of any information provided herein is at users sole risk. The Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections shall not be responsible for any use or reliance on information provided resulting in damages of any kind.
arrowbubble.gif Oklahoma State Supreme Court Network
OSCN's legal research database contains over 2 million Oklahoma legal documents, including case law from the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court, court dockets, Oklahoma Statutes (both current and superceded since 1996), Attorney General's opinions, and historical documents. Hundreds of thousands of court dockets are available nowhere else except the courthouses... and on OSCN.
arrowbubble.gif Oklahoma State Website
The official Website for the State of Oklahoma
arrowbubble.gif The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG)
The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) is a voluntary association of city, town and county governments within the Central Oklahoma area serving Canadian, Cleveland, Logan and Oklahoma counties. Transportation, water, air quality and emergency assistance are among many issues that are being solved more effectively on a cooperative, area wide basis. Such cooperation does not just “happen,” but results from concerted efforts to promote and advocate for the region as a collective unit.
arrowbubble.gif The Oklahoma Legislative Information System (OLIS)
The Oklahoma Legislative Information System (OLIS) was created by the Legislature to provide information processing and other computer services to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The System is jointly owned by the Senate and the House of Representatives and is operated by the Legislative Information Services Division of the Legislative Service Bureau. The Primary function of the Oklahoma Legislative Information System is to process legislative measures. This includes the production of bills, resolutions and amendments, the transfer of measures for printing, and the preparation of measures for codification. A current version of the Oklahoma Statutes shall be maintained on the system. In addition, the system is to provide current information on the status of measures throughout the legislative session. The system will also be utilized to provide each house with the information necessary for legislative and congressional reapportionment.
arrowbubble.gif Oklahoma Road Conditions
Map showing current road conditions throughout the State of Oklahoma and surrounding areas.
arrowbubble.gif Oklahoma State - Voter Portal
State election information including election dates, voter registration, local election rules, etc.

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