Sanitation Summer Schedule
Due to increased temperatures, the Sanitation Department will start trash pickup at 6:30 am June 20, 2023, thru September 1, 2023. For questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 405-843-5222.
Report Street Light Problems

Street lights are vital to our everyday lives and are an important community safety feature, lighting the way for drivers and pedestrians. We thank you for taking the time to make us aware of problems that may include lights that are out, flickering or any damages to lights and or poles. 

* Name 
* Address of reporting party 
* Phone Number of reporting party 
* Location of street light 
* Problem 
Please know that it could take several weeks before the streetlight you reported can be repaired. Also, donít forgetósafety first! Never put yourself in harmís way when noting street light outages.
Thank you for providing us with information to help us maintain street lights.

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