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Alarm Systems

Q: What suggestions do you have for residents with alarm systems?


First, learn all you can about your particular system. This can best be done by contacting your alarm company and asking them questions or having an alarm company representative come to your home and giving you a tutorial over your system.

Second, register your alarm system with our 911 call center. They can be reached at 843-5672. Registration is free and this will give our police officers & fire fighters contact numbers to call if your alarm activates and nobody is home.

Third, even if you have an alarm system that is not monitored by an alarm company you need to learn how the system works and what the code is to deactivate an alarm. The fire department cannot deactivate your alarm, you must have a code to do this. If you move into a home with an alarm system, whether it's monitored or not, you must get the code from the previous owners or call the alarm manufacturer for instructions on how to enter a new code.

For more information, contact 842-5881.

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