Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The City of Nichols Hills

Minutes of the Nichols Hills Environment,

Health and Sustainability Commission

February 23, 2011



Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 8:05 a.m.  on the 21st  day of February, 2011.


Nancy Herzel, Chairman                                                                                Mary Frates
Pat Schonwald                                                                                                   Carlene Burger
Mary Ellen Ternes                                                                                           Amy Loper
Marty Smith                                                                                                       Peg Malloy
Kathy Brewer                                                                                                    David Poole, City Manager           
Charles Hooper, Public Works Director                                                     Kristi Hort, City Clerk


1.    Call to Order


Chairman Herzel called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 



2.    Roll Call


Acknowledgement was made by Chairman Herzel that she along with Members, Mary Ellen Ternes, Mary Frates, Marty Smith, Peg Malloy and Amy Loper were present.  The following members were absent: Pat Schonwald, Carlene Burger, and Kathy Brewer.



3.    Approval of Minutes:


a.    Meeting – November 17, 2010

b.    Meeting – December 15, 2010

c.    Meeting – January 26, 2011


MOTION to approve the minutes was moved by Frates, seconded by Ternes.   AYES: Smith, Malloy, Loper, Ternes, Herzel, and Frates.


4.    Presentation by Mr. Jay Yowell.


Mr. Yowell briefly summarized the meaning of LEED certification to the commission.  When choosing LEED certification individuals pick and choose from the check list they wish to comply.  Mr. Yowell entertained numerous questions regarding the PUD application for which another public hearing will be held at the upcoming Nichols Hills Planning Commission.  City Manager David Poole advised this commission that concerns should be with the development rather than the PUD process. A PUD application requires more information from a builder or developer. Additionally, he stated the PUD process is much more specific than a zoning ordinance, therefore, allowing the city more discretion and input from residents.




5.    City Manager to provide update on ODOT grant and Hamm trail.


City Manager Poole stated several years ago, Mr. Hamm voiced a desire to build a trail in Grand Park.  Unfortunately when the bids were received they were double the amount he wished to donate toward the project.  Therefore, Mr. Hamm withdrew his offer to build a trail.


The ODOT grant for which the city had anticipated using the donated funds from Mr. Hamm for the matching funds was also withdrawn due to the lack of proposed matching funds.


Additionally, staff is working toward a 100% grant application through ACOG.  In the event this grant is awarded to Nichols Hills, this project will connect all current Nichols Hills trails with those in Oklahoma City. 



6.    Discussion regarding OK Smoking Laws.


Mary Ellen Ternes summarized the progress of her research on Oklahoma Smoking laws.  She advised that cities can’t pass laws which are stricter than the current state law specific to this subject in public places.  Should state law pass a preamble to current law, then this commission may revisit the subject.



7.    Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding February speakers.


Chairman Herzel announced that OG & E Chairman Pete Delaney will be re-scheduled when the EHSC plans their education forum.


8.    Discussion regarding recycling center.


Peg Malloy advised this commission’s time and resources would be a greater investment if the group works toward education of the public, rather than spending $200 toward signage at the recycling center. Once residents learn the first step of recycling is to reduce, our environment wins.


No action taken.



9.    Discussion, Consideration and Possible recommendation of recycling fee.




10.  Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding informational video.


Chairman Herzel advised the board of Nichols Hills City Council vote of approval to proceed with the informational videos on Channel 20.  Mary Ellen Ternes will provide the first of said videos.



11.  Discussion regarding Earth Day.


There is not a financial obligation to Earth Day from the City of Nichols Hills; or the EHS Commission.  Discussion included the options of being a co-sponsor of the Earth Day event.




12.  Announcements.




13.  Adjournment



APPROVED. Moved by  Malloy, seconded by Frates. AYES: Smith, Malloy, Loper, Ternes, Herzel, and Frates.





Nancy Herzel

Nancy Herzel, Chairman






Kristi Hort                                                                     David Poole

Kristi Hort, City Clerk                                                  David Poole, City Manager



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