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Tuesday, January 05, 2010



MEMBERS PRESENT:         Mike Bickford, Chairman

                                               Tim Cohn

                                               Larry Savage  

                                               Clay Farha                              

                                               Jeff James


MEMBERS ABSENT:           John McCaleb


OTHERS PRESENT:             David Poole, City Manager

                                                Kristi Hort, City Clerk

                                                Wiley Rice, Planning Consultant

                                                Charles Hooper, Public Works Director


      The meeting was posted in accordance with the Open Meeting laws of the State of Oklahoma.


      Chairman Bickford called the meeting to order and called the roll.


      Motion was made by Savage, Seconded by Farha to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held December 1st, 2009 and the special meeting held December 21st, 2009, with changing the word “amended” to “amend” on the following motion.  Motion was made by Commissioner McCaleb, seconded by Commissioner Savage to amend the proposed ordinance 25-9 Section A and Section 6-14 deleting the language of all construction; resulting in the moratorium applies to the granting of building permits.


            Aye:                Bickford, Savage, James, Cohn, Farha

            Nay:                None

            Absent:            McCaleb


      Chairman Bickford requested that discussion of item 4a be postponed until later in the meeting in anticipation of Commissioner McCaleb arrival.


      Commissioners discussed the ongoing subject of height and volume restrictions in the residential areas of Nichols Hills.  Mr. Jay Yowell was not present, however Peter Hoffman advised commissioners that Jay and his students will be moving forward within the next ten or so days.


      Commissioners and Mr. Wiley Rice discussed the issue of exterior lighting. Mr. Rice read an updated version of the proposed ordinance which addressed front yard lights, as well as, side and rear lights.  Mr. David Giasson inquired as to whether or not the issue of emergency lighting had been addressed in conjunction with the activation of residential alarm systems.  Commissioner Savage made a motion to move this item on the next agenda as an action item.  Motion died lacking a second.  The need for a public hearing at the next regular meeting was discussed and set into motion.



Work Session and further review of Section 6-6 of Nichols Hills City Code relating to exterior lighting restrictions, with possible action as desired by the Planning Commission was held.  Wiley Rice, Planning Consultant for the City of Nichols Hills, reviewed the revisions to the proposed ordinance which is a simpler version.  Mr. Rice’s revisions were a summation of previous recommendations by the Planning Commission. Commissioner McCaleb commended Mr. Rice with the progress of this ordinance.


The possibility of authorizing a temporary office building to be located on construction sites for Estate Lots was discussed.  Commissioner Farha stated he feels this valuable however time and size limitation should be considered.  Hence, discussion of the size of this temporary office building was discussed.  Mr. David Giasson gave a recommendation of a 200 square foot office type building be allowed.  Commission Tim Cohn recommended a permit be issued giving and documenting the lifetime of said temporary office.  Additionally, he stated his opinion was that eight months should allow adequate time. Continuing he stated that possibly a percentage of the completion of the home would be an indication of allowable time for the allowance of temporary office building.  City Manager Poole stated his concern of the quality and placement of temporary office could potentially be an issue.  Commissioner James recommended that the commission continue this issue at the next meeting when Mr. McCaleb was in attendance.  Other members agreed.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




                                                                                     Michael Bickford.






 Kristi Hort     




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