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Road Construction in the 6700 and 6800 blocks of West Grand Blvd.
New Sanitation Hours
Due to increased temperatures, the Sanitation Department will start at 6:30 am. June 27, 2019 thru September 3, 2019. For questions or concerns, contact the Public Works Department at 405-843-5222.
Notice of Public Hearing - BOA 2018-01 - 1516 Camden Way

CASE NO. BOA 2018-01
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application has been filed seeking a variance from the Nichols Hills City Code on the following described property:
A portion of Lot six (6), in Block Fifty-three (53), of MAYFAIR PARK SECTION OF NICHOLS HILLS, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma according to the recorded plat thereof.
The property is also known as 1516 Camden Way. Current zoning is R-1-75.
The applicants desire to build a new house.For the proposed add on or attached garage, the applicants are seeking a 6 1 variance to the East side yard, leaving a 3 11 East side yard setback.
A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD on said application by the Nichols Hills Board of Adjustment in the Council Chambers, City Hall 6407 Avondale Drive, Nichols Hills, Oklahoma 73116 on the 19th day of September 2018 at 5:30 p.m.
ALL PERSONS, OWNERS, OR RESIDENTS within the above described area are hereby given notice that they may appear at said hearing or file a petition within the Board of Adjustment and offer arguments and evidence for or against the granting of said application as they deem proper in the premises.
Dated this 17th day of August, 2018.
Kristi Hort
Kristi Hort
City Clerk
City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma


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