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Grand Blvd Paving will continue Tuesday morning May 22, 2018. Grand Blvd will be closed from Nichols Road to Sherwood Lane. Sherwood Lane to NW 63rd will be closed on June 5th for concrete paving until project is completed. Projected completion date is September 30, 2018. (Project PC-1702)
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2020 Comprehensive Plan Concepts

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2020 Comprehensive Plan - Conceptual Drawings

Below are conceptual drawings developed by students at the University of Oklahoma. Drawings and concepts were discussed at public meetings held as part of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan development process.

Note: These drawings and designs are conceptual in nature and are designed to enlist thought and discussion. They may not reflect final design standards.


Comprehensive Plan 1

Comprehensive Plan 2

Comprehensive Plan 3

Comprehensive Plan 4

Comprehensive Plan 5

Comprehensive Plan 6

Comprehensive Plan 7

Comprehensive Plan 8


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