Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The City of Nichols Hills

Minutes of the Nichols Hills Municipal Authority

July 09, 2013



Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 3 PM on the 5th  day of July, 2013.




Steven J Goetzinger, Chairman                                  David Poole, City Manager

Sody Clements, Vice-Chairman                                   John Michael Williams, City Attorney

E. Peter Hoffman, Jr., Trustee                                      Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director



1.      Call to Order.


Chairman Goetzinger called the meeting to order.


2.      Roll Call.


Acknowledgment was made that Chairman Goetzinger and Vice-Chairman Clements and Trustee Hoffman were present.


3.      Minutes: 

a.      June 11, 2013 NHMA Regular Meeting


Clements moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Hoffman             seconded this motion.

            AYE:  Goetzinger, Clements, Hoffman

            NAY: None


4.      Total Warrants and Claims:  $59,876.48


a)      Nichols Hills Municipal Authority................................. $59,876.48


 Hoffman moved that the Council approve the total warrants and claims as presented. Clements seconded this motion.

            AYE:  Goetzinger, Clements, Hoffman

         NAY: None


5.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding the Nichols Hills Municipal Authority financial statements for June 2013.


No action taken.



6.      Adjournment.  There being no further business Clements made a motion to adjourn this meeting, which was seconded by Hoffman, which was unanimously approved




Steven J. Goetzinger                   

Steven J. Goetzinger, Chairman





Kristi Hort                             David Poole                        

Kristi Hort, City Clerk          David Poole, City Manager





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