Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The City of Nichols Hills

Minutes of the Nichols Hills Environment,

Health and Sustainability Commission

January 23, 2013



Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 8 a.m. on the 18th  day of January, 2013.

Nancy Herzel, Chairman                                                                                Carlene Burger

Mary Ellen Ternes                                                                                           Peg Malloy

Marty Smith                                                                                                       Lucy Covington 

David Poole, City Manager                                                                            Randy Smith, Dep Public Works Dir        

Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director                                                           Randy Lawrence, Dep Public Works Dir


1.      Call to Order


Chairman Herzel called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 


2.      Roll Call


Acknowledgement was made by Chairman Herzel that all members were present with the exception of Mary Ellen Ternes and Marty Smith.­­­­­­­­­­


3.      Approval of Minutes: 

a)       September 26, 2012

b)       November 28, 2012


APPROVED:  Burger made a MOTION to approve the September 26, 2012 and November 28, 2012 minutes.  The motion was seconded by Malloy. 

            AYES: Herzel, Burger, Malloy and Covington.

            NAYES: none


Chairman Herzel stated for the record, that Marty Smith had arrived.


4.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding park signs.


Chairman Herzel presented a sample of the tobacco free signs to be displayed in the parks to encourage park goers to adhere to the no tobacco products in parks policy.  Signs will be displayed in a black frame of similar quality to the black Nichols Hills street lights. Installation should occur within a few weeks in Grand Park, Kite Park, and Davis Park.


5.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding recycling.


Chairman Herzel shared some of the positive feedback she received following this commissionsí recommendation to close the recycling center. The local recycling business, Recycling the Hills, advised her they currently have 67 Nichols Hills residents participating in their recycling business.


Herzel also reviewed the upcoming recycling flyer that will be sent via the City               E-newsletter and the recent press release that was sent to local newspapers.


6.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding waste.


No discussion or action taken.


7.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding new plantings & landscaping in easements.


Per a request by the City Council, Commission members discussed plantings in easements and if allowed, specific plants, trees and/or shrubs that should be planted in easements.  Overgrowth creates safety issues for drivers and problems for underground and overhead utility lines.  Education at every opportunity is vital.   Continued discussion will be held at the next meeting.


8.      Discussion, Consideration, & Possible Action regarding water use.


Members discussed the issues which occur with overwatering of yards and vegetation, watering during freezing temperatures, and watering while it is raining.   They discussed the safety hazard of accumulated ice in the road as well as the problem of street deterioration. Education is important and members will look into various options.


Malloy made a motion to recommend to the city council, the creation of an ordinance which requires freeze and rain sensors for all new and repaired irrigation systems and requiring a five dollar permit fee. Covington seconded the motion.

            AYES: Herzel, Malloy and Covington.

            NAYES: Smith

            ABSTAIN: Burger      


9.      Discussion, Consideration, & Possible Action regarding grey water.


No discussion or action taken.


10.  Announcements.




11.  Adjournment


APPROVED:  MOTION to adjourn was moved by Malloy, seconded by Covington. 

            AYES: Herzel, Burger, Malloy, Smith and Covington.

            NAYES: none.




Nancy Herzel                   

Nancy Herzel, Chairman





Kristi Hort                         David Poole                         

Kristi Hort, City Clerk      David Poole, City Manager


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