Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The City of Nichols Hills

Minutes of the Nichols Hills Environment,

Health and Sustainability Commission

April 25, 2012



Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 8:45 a.m. on the 16th day of April, 2012.

Nancy Herzel, Chairman                                                                                Mary Frates

Pat Schonwald                                                                                                   Carlene Burger

Mary Ellen Ternes                                                                                           Peg Malloy

Marty Smith                                                                                                       Lucy Covington 

David Poole, City Manager                                                                            Randy Smith, Public Works Dir 

Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director


1.      Call to Order


Chairman Herzel called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 


2.      Roll Call


            Acknowledgement was made by Chairman Herzel that she along with Peg Malloy, Marty Smith, Pat Schonwald and Mary Frates were present. Carlene Burger arrived a few minutes late. The following members were absent: Lucy Covington, Mary Ellen Ternes.


Following the roll call, Chairman Herzel advised she has received notices of resignation from two of the original EHS Commission members, with their resignations becoming effective at the end of this meeting.


Chairman Herzel thanked and acknowledged Mary Frates for her many years of remarkable leadership, dedication, and vision to this commission.  Sacrificing her time and generously giving of her talents while enthusiastically working hard to set high standards and bring this commission forward. Herzel presented Ms. Frates with a gift of appreciation.


Chairman Herzel expressed appreciation to Pat Schonwald for her many years of service to the EHS Commission, where Schonwald was instrumental from the beginning setting our goals high and generously shared her many talents. Herzel continued by recognizing the help, support and wise counsel from Ms. Schonwald over the years.  A gift of appreciation was also presented to Ms. Schonwald.


Herzel stated her appreciation to both commission members for their continued support of the goals of the EHSC.



3.      Approval of Minutes:


a.      Meeting – February 22, 2012


APPROVED:  MOTION to approve the minutes was moved by Malloy, seconded by Frates.  AYES: Herzel, Malloy, Smith, Schonwald and Frates. NAYES: none.


4.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding recycling.


Tabled until May meeting.


5.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding hazardous & E-waste collection day.


Members discussed the success of the April 21, 2012 hazardous waste day.  Throughout the day, approximately 100 vehicles dropped of hazardous waste.


6.      Discussion, Consideration, & Possible Action regarding Earth Day 2012.


Chairman Herzel advised that Earth Day 2012 provided successful.  The weather was supportive of the event this year, which may have influenced the increase number of children to attend.


7.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding no smoking in parks.


Chairman Herzel advised the house bill did not pass; therefore EHS will begin working on a “No Smoking” in parks policy.


8.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding grey and reclaimed water.


Tabled until May meeting.


9.      Announcements.


Peg Malloy stated she attended a neighborhood meeting earlier in the week, regarding the PUD application for property located on 63rd street, referred to as the Bleakley property.  Geothermal will be optional for new residents within the proposed new development offered by property owner, Jack Golson, who owns a geothermal business.


10.  Adjournment


APPROVED:  MOTION to adjourn was moved by Smith, seconded by Malloy.  AYES: Herzel, Malloy, Smith, Schonwald, Burger and Frates. NAYES: none.




Nancy Herzel _               

Nancy Herzel, Chairman






Kristi Hort________         David Poole                        

Kristi Hort, City Clerk        David Poole, City Manager



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