Tuesday, November 01, 2011


The City of Nichols Hills

Minutes of the Planning Commission Meeting

November 1, 2011


Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at  11 AM on the  25th  day of October, 2011.



Michael Bickford, Chairman                                        Tim Cohn

Barbara Gilbert                                                            Lynn Pringle         

John McCaleb                                                              Larry Savage

David Poole, City Manager                                          John Michael Williams, City Attorney

                                                                                    Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director


1.      Call to Order.


Chairman Bickford called the meeting to order.


2.      Roll Call.


Acknowledgment was made by Chairman Bickford that he along with Commission members Gilbert, Savage, Cohn, Pringle and McCaleb were present. 


3.      Citizens desiring to be heard:




4.      Minutes  October 4, 2011


APPROVED:  MOTION was moved by Savage, seconded by Gilbert.  AYES: Bickford, Gilbert, McCaleb, Cohn, and Savage. NAYES:  None  Abstain: Pringle


Chairman Bickford stated the commission will consider Agenda item 6 prior to Agenda item 5.



5.      Work Session:  Work session regarding corner lots, with possible action as desired by the Planning Commission.


Planning Commission member Gilbert presented her understanding of historical information documented in books of Nichols Hills history.  She demonstrated her understanding of the platted building lines and how the current ordinance could potentially affect the aesthetic appearance of Nichols Hills.  Commission members viewed various corner lots in Nichols Hills on the original plats.    According to Mr. Wiley Rice, there is room for interpretation and the clearer an ordinance is written, the easier it is to enforce, thus, lessening the potential for appeals.


Citizens spoke of their concerns for and against additional restrictions of corner lots.


Following lengthy discussion among commission members, city staff and city attorney, commission members will continue this discussion at the December planning commission meeting.


During the discussion of agenda item 5, Mr. Larry Savage and Mr. John McCaleb left the meeting for a prior commitment.


6.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action to approve the 2012 Schedule of regular meeting dates and filing deadlines for Nichols Hills Planning Commission.



APPROVED:  MOTION was moved by McCaleb to approve the 2012 Schedule of regular meeting dates with two modifications, July 2012 meeting cancelled and November 2012 meeting date of November 5th, seconded by Savage.  AYES: Bickford, Gilbert, McCaleb, Cohn, Pringle and Savage. NAYES:  None


7.      Adjournment


APPROVED:  MOTION was moved by Gilbert, seconded by Cohn.  AYES: Bickford, Gilbert, Pringle and Cohn. NAYES:  None





Michael Bickford_______     

Michael Bickford, Chairman




Kristi Hort_________          David Poole___________

Kristi Hort, City Clerk          David Poole, City Manager


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