Thursday, July 29, 2010

The City of Nichols Hills
Minutes of the Nichols Hills Environment, Health, and Sustainability Commission
July 29, 2010
Original Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 4:45 p.m.  on the 26th  day of May, 2010

Mary Frates, Chairman                            Nancy Herzel
Pat Schonwald                                        Carlene Burger
Mary Ellen Ternes                                    Rance Shields
Marty Smith                                             Peg Malloy
Kathy Brewer                                          David Poole, City Manager 
Charles Hooper, Public Works Director    Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director

1. Call to Order

Chairman Frates called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 

2. Roll Call
Acknowledgement was made by Chairman Frates that she along with Members Nancy Herzel,                                                                                          Carlene Burger, Rance Shields, Marty Smith and Mary Ellen Ternes were present.  The following members were absent: Pat Schonwald, Peg Malloy, and Kathy Brewer.

3. Approval of Minutes:
a. Meeting – May 27, 2010

APPROVED: Moved by Ternes, seconded by Burger.    AYES: Frates, Burger, Ternes, Herzel, Smith, Shields.

4. Presentation by Jay Yowell of OU students’ project in Nichols Hills.

Mr. Yowell provided a summary of the work OU students completed in relationship to looking forward in Nichols Hills.  This project included the concept of sustainability within our city limits.  Commission members received the presentation sharing their appreciation for increasing awareness of the future possibilities.


5. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding resolution of support requested by ACOG to endorse a grant to HUD for regional sustainability planning.  Nicolle Franklin from ACOG will make a presentation:


Nicolle Franklin shared with the commission the opportunity for Nichols Hills to become involved in a regional sustainability project.  ACOG is seeking support from all communities within the region, which spans includes East to Choctaw, North of Guthrie, West to El Reno and North to Mustang.  Ms. Franklins provided a summary of the importance of this regional application and the need of participation by communities.  Also, provided were sample documents (Letter of Support, Resolution and Memorandum of understanding) for this commission to review which document the support of our community.  With the assumption this commissions opts to support this initiative, it would then be submitted for potential council approval.

APPROVED and recommended this commission support ACOG to endorse a grant to HUD for regional sustainability planning and provided suggested documents showing support to council and recommending their approval.  Additionally, recommending the Resolution over other two documents of support: Moved by Ternes, seconded by Shields.  AYES: Frates, Burger, Ternes, Herzel, Smith, Shields.


6. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding Chairman’s Report.


Due to time restraints, Chairman Frates stated this item was stricken from the record, while indicating it has been an honor to serve on this board with fellow members.


7. Discussion, Consideration and Election of Officers.


MOVED to election Nancy Herzel as Chairman, Mary Ellen Ternes and Rance Shields and Co-Vice Chairman and Pat Schonwald as Secretary: Moved by Shields, seconded by Burger.  AYES: Frates, Burger, Ternes, Herzel, Smith, Shields.


8. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action scheduling meeting dates for August 2010 – December 2010.


Stricken from agenda to be considered at the August meeting.


9. Discussion, Consideration and Possible recommendation to Planet Nichols Hills regarding Earth day Birthday.


Stricken from agenda.



10. Adjournment

APPROVED at 10:12 a.m. Moved by Herzel, seconded by Burger.  AYES: Frates, Burger, Ternes, Herzel, Smith, Shields.



Nancy Herzel, Chairman



______________________   ______________________
Kristi Hort, City Clerk               David Poole, City Manager


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