Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The City of Nichols Hills
Minutes of the Nichols Hills Environment,
Health, and Sustainability Commission
October 6, 2010

Original Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 8:15 p.m.  on the 4th  day of October, 2010

Nancy Herzel, Chairman                        Mary Frates
Pat Schonwald                                      Carlene Burger
Mary Ellen Ternes                                  Rance Shields
Marty Smith    Peg Malloy
Kathy Brewer                                        David Poole, City Manager 
Charles Hooper, Public Works Director  Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director

1. Call to Order

Chairman Herzel called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 

2. Roll Call

Acknowledgement was made by Chairman Herzel that she along with Members Rance Shields, Marty Smith, Mary Ellen Ternes, and Peg Malloy were present, with Carlene Burger arriving a few moments late.  The following members were absent: Pat Schonwald, Mary Frates; and Kathy Brewer.

3. Comments: None

4. Approval of Minutes:

a. Meeting – August 25, 2010

APPROVED:  Moved by Shields, seconded by Ternes. AYES: Smith, Ternes, Herzel, Malloy and Shields.

5. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding No Smoking Resolution.

Mary Ellen Ternes  provided insight into the State laws regarding smoking in public places.  Chairman Herzel requested that Mary Ellen provide a recommendation to the commission at the next meeting..


6. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding Goals of the EHSC.

Chairman Herzel provided a list of potential Goals for the Environment, Health and Sustainability Commission, with fellow commission members providing input.

1.  Influence the residents of NH to change their behavior in a more environmentally friendly way.  Change is what the EHSC is about.  Change is difficult for everyone and it usually involves a process and a reason to change.  Change takes time and repeated messages to want to make a change.  Change for NH does not necessarily look the same as change in another community. 
2. Improved communication with City management…take some of our ideas a step at a time.  I am doing this by communicating with City Manager David Poole about all of our ideas.
3. EHSC…. goes GREEN!…paperless…we need to set the example.  Print your own agenda and minutes or bring your laptop. 
4. Increase citizen education…we looked at our last meeting.
a. website use & information:  Statement of Purpose & NH News Magazine articles have already been posted.  THANK YOU DAVID & NEIL!!
b. Town Hall meeting/Landscape Forum:  Energy(conservation), Water(conservation), & Waste(reduction)

5. Environmental Guidelines for the City based on How Green Is My Town
6. Citizen survey:  to determine recycling direction then develop a plan

7. Adjournment

APPROVED. Moved by Malloy, seconded by Burger. AYES: Smith, Ternes, Herzel, Malloy, Burger and Shields


Nancy Herzel

Nancy Herzel, Chairman


Kristi Hort                                David Poole

______________________   ______________________
Kristi Hort, City Clerk               David Poole, City Manager


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