Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The City of Nichols Hills
Minutes of the Nichols Hills Environment,
Health and Sustainability Commission
November 17, 2010

Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at 8:15 a.m.  on the 15th  day of November, 2010

Nancy Herzel, Chairman                          Mary Frates
Pat Schonwald                                        Carlene Burger
Mary Ellen Ternes                                    Rance Shields
Marty Smith                                             Peg Malloy
Kathy Brewer                                          David Poole, City Manager 
Charles Hooper, Public Works Director    Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director

1. Call to Order

Chairman Herzel called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 

2. Roll Call

Acknowledgement was made by Chairman Herzel that she along with Members Pat Schonwald, Rance Shields, and Peg Malloy were present, with Marty Smith and Carlene Burger arriving a few moments late.  The following members were absent: Mary Frates; Mary Ellen Ternes and Kathy Brewer.

3. Approval of Minutes:

a. Meeting – October 6, 2010


4. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding No Smoking Resolution.


5. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding Town Hall forum.

Ms. Herzel suggested the landscape forum continue on a bi-annual basis. However, in
order to continue citizen awareness, she proposed  sending six educational mailings be included in the Nichols Hills utility bills. This proposal would begin in January or February 2011.     APPROVED. Moved by Burger, seconded by Herzel.
AYES: Smith, Herzel, Schonwald, and Burger.
NAYS: Shields, Malloy

Additional discussion included the implementation of a lecture series in February & in the fall of 2011.  Lectures would be presented in thirty minutes to one-hour sessions. Suggestion from the commissioners of speakers and topics are to be e-mailed to Ms. Herzel in advance of the next meeting.

6. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding Environmental Guidelines.

Discussion of the ongoing environmental guidelines included full understanding of the intent and purpose of these guidelines.  There was a suggestion that the “name” or heading be changed and the signature line deleted.. Suggestions of changes from the commissioners are to be e-mailed to Nancy Herzel in advance of the December meeting.


7. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding Recycling.

Peg Malloy updated the board on her observations of the recycling center.  She viewed the signage at the center as a first time user.  Ms. Malloy provided suggestions to the group and city staff.  Ms. Malloy will work with PWA on these possible changes and wording and bring the suggested changes to the commission at the December meeting.

• When gate is open the sign is barely visible.  Perhaps move it to the stationery portion of the gate.

• Identify the bins with larger signs at the ends in hopes of stopping the “dumping” of recyclable items.

• Display signs of encouragement to citizens to recycle in the appropriate bins.

8. Discussion, Consideration and Possible action regarding informational video.

Mr. Shields advised he and Ms. Ternes have made some progress however the complete recommendation to the board has not been finalized.  Ms. Herzel reported that Ms. Ternes had told her that Fenton Ruud would be willing to participate in the video.

9. Adjournment

APPROVED. Moved by Malloy, seconded by Schonwald. AYES: Smith, Herzel, Schonwald, Malloy, Burger and Shields


Nancy Herzel

Nancy Herzel, Chairman


Kristi Hort                                  David Poole

______________________     _____________________
Kristi Hort, City Clerk                 David Poole, City Manager


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