Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The City of Nichols Hills

Minutes of the City Council Meeting

August 31, 2010


Original Agenda Filed in the Office of the Municipal Clerk at  1:00  p.m.  on the   27th  day of August, 2010




John Lippert, Mayor                                                     David Poole, City Manager

Sody Clements, Vice-Mayor                                         John Michael Williams, City Attorney

Peter Hoffman, Councilman                                         Kristi Hort, City Clerk, Fin Director



1.    Call to Order.


Acknowledgment was made by Mayor Lippert that he along with Vice-Mayor Clements and Councilmember Hoffman were all present. 



2.    Roll Call.


Mayor Lippert called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.



3.      Update, Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding possible development and related traffic and parking matters in the vicinity of Guilford Lane near the western corporate limits of the City.


APPROVED. Motion for an ordinance prohibiting parking and/or standing be drafted with respect to Coventry Lane from Stratford, West to the city limits with time limits of no parking no standing to be as currently exist on signs which are in place and further they will be no parking or standing on Guilford from intersection of Guilford and Coventry Lane, south and east, to the intersection of Guilford and Dorset on the south side of the street only and this prohibition be 24 hour seven day a week, except for a 30 minute commercial loading zone on the south side of the subject street at the school kitchen, and further if there are any ordinance or signage in consistent with this motion those ordinance should be repealed and the signage removed moved by Clements, seconded by Peter Hoffman.  AYES. Lippert, Clements, Hoffman.



4.      Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action regarding to award the bid of $18,708.27 for seven transducers submitted by Brandon and Clark, Inc.


APPROVED. Moved by Clements, seconded by Peter Hoffman.  AYES. Lippert, Clements, Hoffman.



5.     Adjournment.


APPROVED.  Moved by Hoffman, seconded by Clements. AYES. Lippert, Clements, Hoffman





John Lippert              

John Lippert, Mayor




Kristi Hort                                                                         David Poole  

Kristi Hort, City Clerk                                                        David Poole, City Manager




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