Thursday, April 29, 2010



MEMBERS PRESENT:      Mary Frates, Chairperson

                                                Nancy Herzel

                                                Pat Schonwald

                                                Marty Smith

                                                Peg Malloy

                                                Mary Richard (arrived late)

Carlene Burger


MEMBERS ABSENT:         Rance Shields

                                                Kathy Brewer

Mary Ellen Ternes


OTHERS PRESENT:            David Poole, City Manager

Kristi Hort, Fin Dir/City Clerk

Charles Hooper, Public Works Director

Nicole Franklin, Oklahoma Sustainability Network

Kathy Walker


Chairperson Frates called the meeting to order and declared a quorum present to conduct business. 


City Manager David Poole advised the commission that he was copied on an e-mail sent to Chairman Mary Frates which stated the students from Oklahoma State University would not be in attendance today for this meeting, due to end of the semester requirements.


Chairperson Frates advised the commission would now hear discussion concerning Earth Day Birthday celebration due to the anticipated late arrival of Mary Richard.


Commission members discussed in detail sensational event.  All expo participants stated they plan to attend next year.  There were thirty-five vendors in attendance. 


Commissioner Mary Richard arrived at 8:47 a.m.; therefore Chairperson Frates redirected the meeting to the agenda item regarding the rules and regulations of the Environmental, Health and Sustainability Commission.  Ms. Richard provided a brief update of the rules and regulations while providing each member a copy of the previous version as well as a copy of up updated document for approval by the commission.  When asked if she had discussed these with City Attorney John Williams she stated he is out of the country until mid-May.  Therefore, they have not discussed the latest version.  Ms. Richards recommended to the commission that the rules and regulations be voted on as presented; due to the months of on-going discussion.  Pat agreed by stating the commission needs these laws to have a guideline to follow.  Peg Malloy made a motion to approve the amended rules and regulations as presented by Mary Richards this morning.  Pat Schonwald seconded the motion.


Aye:    Frates, Schonwald, Smith, Malloy, Richard, Burger

      Nay:    Herzel,



Chairperson Frates redirected the meeting to the previous discussion of the Earth Day Birthday event.  Peg Malloy provided a brief summary of her focus area of the even.  At this time, she left the meeting due to another obligation.



Pat Schonwald stated that residents commented that the tents outside the building were an initial incentive to attend the event.  Appreciation was expressed to all commission members for their cooperation and assistance in making this a great event.  Expression of thanks was also given to several of those who provided additional support, such as Chesapeake, Mr. Larry Herzel, Kathy Walker Nicole Franklin, and numerous others.  Pat continued by expressing her disappointment that none of the city leaders attend a single panel.  She stated that Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Lippert, Ms. Clements and Mr. Poole were all there for a brief time during the event. 


Following discussion of the minutes of the last meeting, a motion was made by Nancy Herzel to approve the minutes of the December 16, 2010 meeting, this motion was seconded by Carlene Burger.


      Aye:    Frates, Herzel, Schonwald, Smith, Malloy, Richard, Ternes, Burger

      Nay:    None


            Mary Richard advised this commission of the progress of work with City Attorney John Williams in reference to the Rules and regulations.  Additionally, she requested this item be tabled until the regular meeting in March for discussion. 


            Mary Frates thanked Nancy Herzel for all the hard work on the Landscape Forum.  Nancy was presented with a plant and a card in appreciation of all her hard work.  Mary requested the committee members to forward any feedback from residents in regards to this event.


            Great detail discussion followed in relation to the upcoming Earth Day celebration.  Commission members conferred about the celebration and how each member could help with specific section of the day’s events.


Commission members will provide the City Manager with the appropriate documents for a special city council meeting to approve the Earth Day Celebration and temporary facility use license between the City of Nichols Hills and Chesapeake Land Development, LLC.


            Peg Malloy made a motion for a special meeting to be held on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at noon at the Christ Science Church.  Pat Schonwald seconded the motion.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




                                                                        Mary Y. Frates                                                              







Kristi Hort      

City Clerk











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