Wednesday, December 16, 2009



MEMBERS PRESENT:         Mary Frates, Chairperson

                                                Nancy Herzel

                                                Pat Schonwald

                                                Marty Smith

                                                Bill Arnold

                                                Peg Malloy

                                                Mary Richards


MEMBERS ABSENT:           Rance Shields

Mary Ellen Ternes

Kathy Brewer



OTHERS PRESENT:             David Poole, City Manager

Kristi Hort, Finance Director/City Clerk


            Chairperson Frates called the meeting to order and declared a quorum present to conduct business. 


            Chairperson Frates asked for a motion regarding the minutes of the regular meeting held November 25, 2009.    A motion was made by Peg Malloy to approve the minutes of the November 25, 2009 meeting, this motion was seconded by Marty Smith.


      Aye:    Frates, Herzel, Schonwald, Smith, Arnold, Malloy, Richards,

      Nay:    None


            City Manager David Poole provided board members with a staff report, updating the status of the ODOT trails, OSU proposal. 


Mary Frates introduced Jeff Hattey from OSU. He introduced one of the students which are an example of the quality of students they have.  She spent last summer as an intern at the Smithsonian Institute.  The purpose of one class the students participate in a capsule project which is a legitimate real world problem.  Previous project includes the evaluation of the animal feeding operations, a project for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and conservations to list a few.  The board members discussed which of the projects might best fit the City of Nichols Hills and the initiations of board.  Bill Arnold with work with Mr. Hattey’s toward the issue of yard waste and recycling.  Mr. Hattey’s advised toward the end of the project(s) the students will provide a report to this board as well as the City Council of the progress.


Mary invited the students to observe and/or participate in two events forthcoming.  The Landscape forum will be on February 11, 2010 and Earth Day will be held in April 2010. 


Environmental, Health and Sustainability Commission

Regular Meeting

December16, 2009

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Nancy Herzel provided board members a draft of the Landscape forum flyer which will be included with the utility billing which will be mailed out the end of January.  Following a discussion and minor revisions of the text content of the flyer and approval by this board and the Nichols Hills City council, the flyer will be finalized.  Board members discussed the timing, scheduling, sponsors and refreshments of the Landscape forum.  Along with the discussion of programs, vendors and display which will be shown during the Landscape forum.  Following this discussion, Peg Malloy made a motion that the invitation to the Landscape Forum be presented to the Nichols Hills City Council as amended today, with Pat Schonwald seconded the motion.


      Aye:    Frates, Herzel, Schonwald, Smith, Arnold, Malloy, Richards,

      Nay:    None


Board members discussed the upcoming Earth Day 2010 which will be held in April.  Discussed focused on the progress thus far in preparation.


            Mary Richards reviewed the requested changes and final modifications to the proposed rules and procedures to be presented to City council.  A motion to approve the rules and procedures for which the EHS commission will comply was made by Peg Malloy and seconded by Pat Schonwald.


      Aye:    Frates, Herzel, Schonwald, Smith, Arnold, Malloy, Richards,

      Nay:    None


The recycling seminar provided board members with several ideas which could be utilized through Nichols Hills.  Additionally, some vendors may be interested in participating in Earth Day.   Bill Arnold summarized the recycling activities of other cities in Oklahoma. 


            Mary Richards spoke to the board regarding the focus group which she is involved in, regarding the smoke free and litter free city.  She feels as though this could become an educational project as well, with signs throughout the city to decrease litter within our community.


            Mary Richards suggested that an informal meeting between Mary Frates with the Parks, Inc. group for an informational meeting.


Mary Frates recently attended the seminar for Creative Cites, looking forward to new approaches similar to that of Santa Fe.  She states she feels we could become one of the creative cities by reinventing ourselves as creative centers.  This is possible with the city as a whole aiming toward this goal.



Environmental, Health and Sustainability Commission

Regular Meeting

December16, 2009

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There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.






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